How to use essential oils in daily life?


Room diffusers can be electric or designed around a simple tea light candle. If you don't possess a diffuser, the essential oil molecules can be dispersed by using a glass bowl or cup filled with steaming hot water, with the essential oils dropped on the water. The steam will rise and circulate the essential oil in the room.


A simple anti-infectious room spray can easily be made using water and essential oils. As water and oil don't mix, add the essential oils to colourless alcohol or vegetable glycerine to help emulsify them before adding them to water, and shake before use. If you don't have an emulsifier, just shake more vigorously before spraying the room. Spray high into the air, and avoid letting the water fall on wood, silk, velvet or other delicate furniture material. Use minimum of 20 drops of essential oil in 50ml of water with or without one teaspoon (5ml) of emulsifier. Use a clean and preferably new spray.

Body Sprays:

Body sprays are easy to make and versatile, as they can be made small enough to carry around, even when traveling. Combine your chosen essential oils, then add water or hydrolat (use a small amount of emulsifier if you have one handy). Hydrolats often have antibacterial properties of their own, depending on the material they were distilled from. Shake well and leave for 24 hours, shaking occasionally. Then filter through unbleached paper coffee filter and bottle. Use the spray in the air and around your body


Aromatic baths are very good for relieving the symptoms of cold and flu. However, many essential oils used for cold and flu cannot be used undiluted. Choose oil according to your symptoms. Use a maximum of 8 drops per bath, diluted in the medium of your choice (carrier oils etc.) before adding to water.

Body oils:

Use no more than 30 drops of essential oils in 30ml of carrier oil of your choice. Choose the oils that are specific to your symptoms. The most effective time of application is before retiring to bed. This allows essential oils to do their work while you sleep. A body oil can also be applied before taking a bath, when the body absorbs the essential oils by osmosis and inhalation.


Legal Disclaimer: Natural essential & carrier oils are not drugs. Above Information is general information, please consult with aromatherapy expert before use.

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