The miracles of Sweet Orange oil!

You are probably familiar with the uplifting and energising smell of oranges. This same aroma can be acquired from the sweet orange oil extracted from said oranges. This oil is extensively used in aromatherapy and has various benefits for your health. As you read on, you will understand how and why sweet orange essential oil is so amazing.
First, let’s learn a little more about the oil itself and get a little familiar with its history.
Sweet orange essential oil cannot be extracted from any random variety of oranges. There are actually many different kinds of orange trees that grow around the world. The one that provides us with sweet orange oil is the Citrus Sinensis. It is believed that this particular variety was originally grown in Asia. The sweet orange fruits have been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years now. The fruit and its extract is known to have a lot of therapeutic benefits. You will hear of various folk remedies using the sweet orange in places like China, India and the Mediterranean regions. The rind of the sweet orange is usually steam distilled to extract the essential oil. The colour of the sweet orange oil will usually be a little yellow or orange. The citrus scent it gives off is particularly sweet and fresh.
The sweet orange oil contains:
- Limonene
- Myrcene
- Geranial
- Citronellal
- Neral
- Linalool
This chemical composition of sweet orange oil grants it antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antispasmodic properties.
Benefits of sweet orange essential oil:
Sweet orange oil has a range of beneficial properties that will help you improve your overall health. This oil can help you do everything from improving your mood to fighting off infections.
The following are some of the benefits of sweet orange essential oil:
1. It helps in alleviating muscle spasms
These spasms are usually why you may suffer from cramps, cough or even muscle pain. Applying the oil will relieve the pain. You can mix it with almond oil or olive oil to massage.
2. It has an uplifting and energising effect
The aroma of this oil itself has a therapeutic effect. Inhaling this citrus smell helps in relieving any signs of stress or fatigue. It will also help you feel better when your mood is low. For this purpose, the oil should be diffused with other relaxing oils like lavender essential oil or else dab a drop or two on your neck.
3. It helps in soothing soreness in muscles and joints
The Anti-Inflammatory effect of sweet orange oil helps in reducing inflammation. The oil should be mixed with another carrier oil and then used for massaging any sore regions on the body. It can also be added to a warm water bath and soaking in this will be helpful too. Adding a mix of relaxing essential oils in baths is a practice that has been carried out for years together and is consistently helpful.
4. It boosts immunity in the body
The limonene in sweet orange oil makes it a great antioxidant oil. This is why it can fight against free radicals which usually promote ageing. It will also protect the body from many diseases. All the systems in the human body are strengthened by the tonic property of sweet orange oil. You can diffuse the oil around the house.
5. It is good for treating skin issues
The oil has an antiseptic effect that fights off many skin conditions like acne. The antioxidant property helps in keeping skin smooth and supple. It prevents wrinkles from developing. You can add the oil to your moisturiser or dab it on certain areas using cotton. It will reduce acne and blemishes or other scars on skin.
All of these and many more benefits can be reaped by using sweet almond oil.
How to use sweet orange essential oil?
Sweet orange oil can be used in a few different ways depending on the purpose you need it for.
1. You can use it topically by applying it on any affected area. The oil should first be mixed with a carrier oil due to its concentrated nature.
2. You can diffuse the oil and allow the aroma to spread through your home or any particular room. It helps in relieving cough this way too.
3. The oil can also be added to certain beauty products to increase their effectiveness in promoting healthier skin.
Always keep the oil away from sunlight because it is photo toxic. Store it in a cool place in a dark glass bottle. Remember to mix a carrier oil before you apply the oil directly on your skin. Do a patch test to check if the oil has any negative effect on you. Consult a doctor before using the oil if you suffer from any particular conditions or are pregnant. Keep away from the reach of children and animals.

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