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Acne Kit (Two essential oils - 15ml, One carrier oil - 100ml)

Tea tree, Lavender and Jojoba

Rs. 1,700

Key features:

  1. Relieves pimples, acne, blemishes and fine lines. Reduces puffiness and inflammation.
  2. For hydrated and radiant looking skin.
  3. Gentle on the skin and good for daily use.
  4. All oils are natural, pure and chemical free.
  5. For all skin types.


Tea tree essential oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree and has been used as a traditional medicine for cuts and wounds by the aboriginal people of Australia. You might have noticed how tea tree has become a very famous ingredient in a wide range of beauty products. It is so because it has a wide range of capabilities including relief from acne, blisters, cold sores etc. According to some research terpinen-4-ol present in tea tree oil is more effective in treating acne than the compounds found in chemical products like benzoyl peroxide, which is commonly used as a topical treatment for acne.

Lavender essential oil is another famous treatment for acne. It is famous for unclogging pores and reducing inflammation around them. It helps prevent future outbreaks of acne and other skin issues. Reducing inflammation to prevent acne formation is best way to get clearer skin. Although acne-causing bacteria and excess oil production can both contribute to acne, acne is primarily an inflammatory skin condition.

One of the main reasons for skin breakout is clogged pores and congestion of oil and dirt. Since Jojoba oil gets absorbed easily, there is no residual oil on the skin. Besides, it also contains nutrients which helps in healing of acne scars. Not just this, Jojoba oil is a rich source of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. To our daily exposure to pollution and similar stresses, this oil helps in maintaining skin pH value and fights oxidation, leaving your skin looking supple and dewy.

When all of them are used in the right combination together, they can wonderfully help you get relief from acne and make your face glow like nothing else.

Recommended usage:

10ml Jojoba oil

3 drops of Tea tree oil

3 drops of Lavender oil

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