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Sleep Kit (Two essential oils - 15ml, One carrier oil - 100ml)

Lavender, Orange, Almond

Rs. 1,350

Key Features:

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety
  2. Helps you sleep better.
  3. Gentle on the skin and good for daily use. 
  4. All oils are natural, pure and chemical free.
  5. For all skin types.
  6. Preferred use at night


Lavender oil is a mild sedative that is reputed to reduce stress by relaxing the brain waves, which in turn reduces ortisol levels that contribute to the stress hormone. As cortisol leads to lower immunity, Lavender would accordingly support the immune system by helping relieve feelings of stress that can weaken health. Due to its calming and relaxing properties, it can work as a sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia.

Orange Essential Oil is known to have a pleasant scent that has a cheerful and uplifting yet a simultaneous relaxing, calming effect. Orange Oil is known to induce sleep and to enhance sleep quality while facilitating the body’s detoxification process and balancing hormones. The aromatic benefits of Orange Oil are known to not only create a warm environment but also to stimulate strength and resilience of the immune system alongside eliminating  airborne bacteria and pathogens.

Recommended usage:

10ml Almond Oil

3 drops of Lavender oil

3 drops of Sweet Orange oil

Apply at night on forehead, back of the neck and chest 1 hour before bed time

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