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Soaps(Pack Of Three)

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Handmade soap originated from the purest of the ingredients of the mother nature. Being 100% natural, Satt Naturals soaps are free of all the harmful chemicals, which makes you feel calm, fresh, rejuvenated and leaves you feeling invigorated. With its high contents of natural oils, the soap will moisturise and soothe your skin


  • Enriched with healing properties for skin Leaves your skin beautifully brightening and shining gently cleanses
  • Moisturises and nourishes delicate skin
  • Gives the aroma of the elegant fusion of mother nature
  • A calming therapeutic remedy for daily use


Shahi Gulab

A rich blend of natural and deeply nourishing ingredients of rose make your bath time a luxurious experience with this aromatherapy and rejuvenate your body and mind

Milk and honey
A great cleanser for your skin, milk & honey together acts as a humectant for skin. It gives you clear skin with the brightest natural glow.

Shea butter Lavender
Renew, repair and protect skin from all the impurities, the combination is known to alleviate tension and stress from the body. Conditions, tones and soothes the skin with a marvellous lavender fragrance

Aloe Vera
This natural component aids in deeply nourishing the skin and gives the body a youthful complexion. With its antimicrobial quality, aloe vera promotes the skin to rejuvenated quality.

Malai Kesar
Works as a natural exfoliator, helps in eliminating the dead skin cells, and gives a nourished and vitalized skin tone. Also, the ayurvedic feature improves the complexion and gives radiance to the skin.

Fantastic for the oily skin, charcoal soap is essential for absorbing oils and grime. Aids in exfoliating the dead skin giving a skin a new breath.

Gives the skin a fresh rich fragrance of lemon. Functions as a toner, lessening pores and fine-tune the tissues and muscles.

With its finest qualities, the ingredients assist in making the skin blunt and strong along with the natural touch of shine.

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