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Handmade Soaps (Pack of Three)

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Better Sleep

Cleanses Skin

Reduced Anxiety

Moisturizes and Nourishes Skin

Hair Growth

Therapeutic Remedy

Our Pack of Three provides you with the benefits of not one, not two but THREE soaps! One can choose any combination of the three soaps- Charcoal Soap, Aloe Vera Soap and Shea Butter Lavender Soap to include in the pack. These soaps nourish and rejuvenate the skin while repairing the damage caused.

Soap 1
Soap 2
Soap 3

Chemical Free


Cruelty Free


100% Natural


Paraben Free

Works Best For

Skin Cleanser | Nourish Skin | Therapeutic Remedy

Tarun, Bangalore

I decided to present my sister this combo pack and have heard nothing but great reviews about them!

Shweta, Pune

I live with 2 girls and decided to buy this pack which had all of our favourite soaps. Using them has alleviated our skin concerns and it leaves us feeling calm.

Harmeet, Hyderabad

I loved this pack of 3 soaps as there are 3 of us at home and none of us like sharing! We each have noticed changes in our skin after using them. Would definitely tell my friends about it!

How It Works

Charcoal Soap

The Charcoal Soap acts as an excellent cleanser of the skin by removing the excess oil and grime from it, unclogging the pores and exfoliating the dead skin. It also deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Aloe Vera Soap

This soap is an excellent hydrating agent for the skin as it goes deep into the skin and hydrates it. The antimicrobial properties present in it kill the bacteria on the skin preventing the breakouts of acne and appearance of pimples while also unclogging the pores. It also makes the skin look youthful and firm.

Shea Butter Lavender Soap

This soap infuses the benefits derived from both Shea Butter and Lavender. The shea butter moisturizes and replenishes the skin by aiding in collagen formation, and the antioxidants help fight free radicals. The sweet fragrance of lavender promotes calmness and helps relieve stress and tension from the body.

What goes into the making

Handmade soaps originated from the purest ingredients found in nature. Being 100% natural, Satt Naturals soaps are free of all the harmful chemicals, which makes you feel calm, fresh, rejuvenated and leaves you feeling invigorated. With its high content of natural oils, the soap will moisturise and soothe your skin. Its natural aroma acts as a soothing, therapeutic remedy for daily use.

As our products are made with natural ingredients and steam distilled in small batches, there may be slight variation in their fragrance as per harvest.

what we stand for

Mother Earth cares for us but we need to take care of it too. Through sustainable eco-friendly packaging, we aim at minimizing the use of plastic & thus reducing our carbon footprint. We prefer wooden boxes over plastic packaging, paper bubble wrap over plastic bubble wrap. Also, instead of plastic packaging we opt for jute bags to carry our products.

The Recycling Program

To add to our sustainability efforts, we have a recycling program going on. Return 5 used bottles of any essential oils and get a product free.

*T&C Applied

The Recycling Program

To add to our sustainability efforts, we have a recycling program going on. Return 5 used bottles of any essential oils and get a product free.

*T&C Applied