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The Essential Trio [Three essential oils (Peppermint, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange) - 5ml each]

Rs. 500
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We’re all for experiences. And we’re all for self-care and self-love. So we’ve curated the best of both in tiny vials of pristine essential oils. Read on for a glimpse into these experiences:

Peppermint Essential Oil: As you walk barefoot in the farms of Uttar Pradesh, you feel her cool aura around you providing a respite from the heat. You feel a tingle down your entire being as she exuberates her minty menthol air while walking next to you. Suddenly, you feel all your stress waning. Your head feels lighter than it has in a while. It’s a welcome sensation. It’s refreshing. You don’t notice, but she’s massaging your hair with her gentle effective fingers - giving your hair and scalp a better life. Spasms have become a thing of the past and your body feels like giving way to for her magic to work. No more blockages. You leave the field, a renewed person.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: He walks in with credence and places his hands in front of you for study. You take a deep breath and the body-pain you’d felt when you came in seems to be ebbing away, while his kind gaze draws the stress out of you. You sense the earthy waves of air around you, driving away the unwelcome insects. But wait, it’s a little pungent too. It’s all so naughty, but there’s a sense of protection - as the aroma forms a deodorizing aura around you. You’re relaxed, your senses heightened. And one sniff was all it took - for you and your world to turn for the better.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: As you relax, they gently walk in, cups in hands. They pamper you as a team. The first one, it feels, is spraying the sweetness of orange peel and there’s an instant uplifting of your spirit. Your mood has never been better. The second softly dips their fingers and massages your face to ease away acne, and then your hair to strengthen it. There seems to be a spiritual ritual going with the third one as your muscles relax slowly and you feel vigour rising inside you with boosted immunity. They hang back now, as you let the sweetness of the orange take over you - to transform you.


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