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Fed up of Bumpy skins, Red marks, Swollen round patches, Hives, or well, Itchiness?

You are just in the right place!

With the wet season on, arrival of mosquitoes and various other insects is just inevitable. Not just mosquitoes, the season brings with it, various other insects, causing fatal diseases that we’re sure you wouldn’t want catching!

NATURE indeed is the solution to all the problems. Ever wondered Oils could also help drive insects away? Well, they surely and effectively do.


Essential oils – Most Efficient mosquito/insect repellents

The conventional methods of using aerosols and electricity run liquid vaporizers as mosquito and insect repellent is known since long. Unlike man- made chemical substances of DEET that work effectively in driving away insects, natural oils not only give a much harmless way to deal with insects but also makes you more responsible towards your biotic environment.

Not to forget how harsh these chemicals can be on infants’, no doubt they are not advisable to use for longer hours. These chemicals can be harmful to a grown up as well if used in excessive amounts.

Best part- you don’t have to compromise with the strange after odour, because Essential oils have their pleasant characteristic smell that lingers long after its used!

Let’s have a look to two most efficient essential oils that will help keep insects away from you and your loved ones- Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Essential Oils.

Eucalyptus oil – Eucalyptus oil contains compounds that hinder the mosquitoes’ food sensing abilities. The sharp and strong scent also repels other insects in its vicinity. Eucalyptus oil, in particular, is the most natural, reliable and efficient oil when it comes to preventing mosquito bites.

Lemongrass oil - The high Citral content in lemongrass oil makes it highly effective against mosquitoes, and helps repel them. The oil has forever been a key component when it comes to deterring mosquitoes from biting, without killing them.

The perfect Blend that will help repel- Eucalyptus Oil blends beautifully with Lemongrass Essential Oil.

These two particular essential oils produce perfect synergism as a result of the combined activities of two or more of their constituents. Since mosquitoes and other insects cannot easily develop resistance to multiple components of two different essential oils, there is a multifold increased effectiveness of using both these oils together!

The Citral qualities of Lemongrass and the camphoraceous penetrating scent of Eucalyptus helps repel, deter and confuse the mosquitoes respectively, leaving your surroundings insect free throughout.

DIY- Add 3 drops of Satt Naturals Lemongrass Essential Oil and 3 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil with water in a Diffuser. Keep this indoors at your workplace or your favourite relaxing spot.

The diffused scent will be a little strong but definitely refreshing and reminiscent of mints and lemons with no more bugging of mosquitoes for sure!

Of all the responsible things we do, safety and well being of the family remains among the top firsts. So, to stay protected from these diseases, preventive action to keep mosquitoes away is a must. Why not refrain mosquitoes and other insects from biting in first place rather than treating ourselves when it has happened.

Being 100% natural and plant derived, Essential oils make the most valuable option among people who believe in natural forms of healing and living.

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