About Us

Satt Naturals is a luxury lifestyle brand rooted in the intrinsic magic of Ayurveda. Through our authentic, natural products, we have combined the old-age Ayurvedic practices with the modern aesthetic. Our products are curated to deter maladies through a holistic approach to healing. Sourced from nooks & corners from across the nation, we ensure to bring the best plants, seeds & leaves to make our pure grade products with 100% cruelty-free processes. At Satt naturals, we make ancient science relevant to the modern world.


We believe that the solution to all your problems lie around you.

At Satt Naturals, we strive to rekindle your bond with nature & re-establish the eminence of aromatic healing with our essential oils.

Using the long lost Aromatherapy practices from Ayurveda & our naturally sourced ingredients from around the globe, we have curated essential oils to lead you to healthy living.

Our Philosophy
Our Story


The mayhem of daily life & the stress caused due to it is what gave birth to the idea of creating our products. We wanted to provide solace to people from their stressful life. We turned to Ayurveda for our solution and we were not disappointed. We found our solution in ancient aromatherapy practices.

That’s when Satt Naturals was born.

We wished to create a brand that connotes authenticity & purity, while also strengthening the belief of our customers in Aromatherapy. We toiled to find the perfect recipes as given in our scriptures to provide solace to our customers.

Our Future


We have come a long way & through the journey have realized a painstaking truth. Though a culturally ancient practice in India, most people today are oblivious to the benefits of aromatherapy. It is not well recognized & it is considered a privilege reserved for a few. We wish to change this & preserve our lineage. We aspire to make aromatherapy a necessity for everyone through our authentic & aesthetic products. Through our efforts, we wish to spread a word about the significance of healing by aromatherapy & make it a lifestyle choice for all.


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