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Its 3 months down the drill and guess what we’re all still staying and working indoors!

While many of us regard working from home as a goal for overall work-life balance, but sometimes does it not get out of hands and feel stressful, however, to be free from the routine that once felt confining?

All of the hour long meetings online, continuous stares at burning screens of our laptops, sounds of keyboard tapping, improper work spaces; gets totally nerve wrecking. All of this lead to us stressing on every bit of our new found lifestyle!

We bring you One stop Solution to these Distractions which will keep you focused while you work.

FOCUS KIT by Satt Naturals 

The usage will offer an experience of profound clarity and purification, and can energize our thoughts. It’s supportive to breathing, circulation, detox, and inner strengthening.



Headaches have become a common issue, with people having to deal with anxiety more often. The irregular sleeping schedules are becoming troublesome leading to temporary insomnia among youths, loss of appetite or excessive of same has resulted in hampering the physical health of those who work from home.

To have stopped working is definitely no solution, hence we’ve come up with some really exiting lifestyle product at Satt Naturals that you should get into right away!


Rosemary is distinguished for its fresh, herbaceous scent and is highly regarded for assisting with mental health, fatigue and relieving discomfort. 

The oil helps hugely against heavy headaches, and stressed minds. Its crude freshness relieves cramped muscles just right. It helps boost attention, alertness, energy and mood.

Here are some easy to carry Home remedies with the oil to keep you away from stress all day long
  1. Diffuse 5-10 drops of Satt Naturals Rosemary Oil in a diffuser with water and keep close while you work. The freshness doesn’t let you feel dull helps you stay Focused. Also, let the diffuser stay while you sleep, it destresses the mind to help you sleep sound.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of Rosemary oil to Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil and massage your temples to get rid of headaches at an instant as it helps Improve Blood Circulation.
  3. Rosemary Oil also promotes Hair Growth and fights Hair Greying. Add 2-3 drops of Rosemary oil in 1 teaspoon of Jojoba oil and massage it onto the scalp. Keep overnight. Rinse in the morning. This stimulates your hair follicles thus, making hair long, strong healthy.


We care for your work, but we care for you more

Happy working- from- home

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