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Carrier oils have been used for centuries as a holistic solution to various skin, hair and various health issues. Almonds are a very popular health food consumed all over the world. But did you know that amongst the most notable carrier oils available, sweet almond oil is one. You might actually have noticed how this particular oil has generated a lot of interest in the beauty and health industry of late. This is why a lot of companies have been including this amazing ingredient in their products as well. But what exactly is sweet almond oil and how does it benefit you? This article will help you understand the answer to this question and also learn the various ways in which you can use sweet almond oil for improving your own health.

What is sweet almond oil?

Before you use anything, it is important to learn about it. This is why you need to know what sweet almond oil is before you follow our recommendation to use it.

You are probably familiar with sweet almonds because they are a nutritious food that most people consume. The kernels or nuts are pressed to extract the sweet almond oil. Since almonds are very rich in fat, it makes them great for extracting oils. This oil is used as an ingredient in various medicines, beauty products and in food. It works as a remedy for certain medical issues and also helps in improving skin and hair health.


Why is sweet almond oil beneficial?

So what makes sweet almond oil worth all the hype? Well, this oil is filled with a lot of vitamin E, vitamin A, protein and monounsaturated fatty acids. It also contains a good amount of potassium and zinc. Each of these have their own benefits for your hair, skin and overall health. The nutrients from the almonds are retained in the oil because the process usually does not involve any chemical agents or high heat. A good unrefined bottle of sweet almond oil will not have preservatives either. It is better to avoid the refined version because it contains a chemical antioxidant replacement for vitamin E.

The vitamin E in sweet almond oil is particularly beneficial for skin. It works against free radicals that promote signs of ageing. It also protects skin against damage from UV rays. The oil can be applied topically to moisturise and keep skin smooth and supple.

The vitamin A helps in treating acne prone skin. The oil can be used for cleaning out dirt from the pores and this helps in preventing blackheads as well.

Fatty acids in sweet almond oil help in retaining moisture within skin. They also help to treat irritated skin and can heal any chapped areas.

Additional benefits of sweet almond oil:

  • It helps in relieving rashes and eczema
  • It can be used to lighten under-eye circles
  • It contains zinc which helps in strengthening brittle nails
  • It strengthens the protective barrier on hair and prevents damage from any products and heat styling
  • It may also be beneficial for digestive and rectal health
  • It is used for treating ear infection
  • It is also used as a carrier oil with other essential oils
  • It is great for using during aromatherapy
  • It helps in treating sunburnt skin
  • It is known for boosting hair growth and scalp health

How to use sweet almond oil?

Now that you know of its many benefits, you should start using sweet almond oil on a regular basis.

Sweet almond oil can be used topically for benefiting skin and hair health. Use it to moisturise your skin or promote hair growth. Apply it on areas affected by conditions like eczema to promote healing. You can also mix it with other essential oils for dealing with various other concerns.

Sweet almond oil is a multiple-purpose and non-toxic ingredient that will benefit you in numerous ways over time. So the next time you think of almonds, don’t just have the nuts. Get your hands on the sweet almond oil to reap all its benefits too.

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