Social Sustainability

Mother Earth cares for us but we need to take care of it too. Through sustainable eco-friendly packaging, we aim at minimizing the use of plastic & thus reducing our carbon footprint. It is our duty towards our planet to help it thrive & become cleaner, greener and healthier. We aim at moving towards a greener tomorrow, one step at a time. We opt for eco-friendly ways to package our products everywhere we can. The shift from synthetic plastic packaging to eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging options will pave way for a greener tomorrow for our planet.

Plastic packaging is everywhere. Whenever we order a product online, chances are it arrives in a plastic package. We wish to do our bit by avoiding the addition of new plastic to the already 9.2 bn MT that exists on our planet. We reuse and recycle the plastic containers already present to store our products in rather than getting new plastic bottles manufactured! This way we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and follow on our sustainability efforts.

  • We prefer wooden boxes over plastic packing.
  • We opt for beehives or paper bubble wrap instead of plastic bubble wrap.
  • We use leftover wood to make our boxes.
  • We use paper tape & rope instead of plastic tape in our packaging.
  • Instead of plastic packaging, we opt for jute bags to carry our products.
The wood used to make our boxes is fine Canadian Douglas fir to ensure their sustainability and durability. As the Canadian law dictates, for each tree used in making our products & packaging, we plant 10 trees to compensate for nature’s loss. This way we ensure & encourage afforestation as a brand. We feel compelled as a responsible brand to do so.

Cultural Sustainability

Indian Culture is incomplete without the learning from Ayurveda, which seems to have lost importance in our daily rushing lives. Practices like aromatherapy, which hold great importance in Ayurvedic healing are no longer in vogue. We owe our learnings & values to our Indian culture & it is thus our responsibility to preserve it’s richness too.

Through our essential oils, we thrive at preserving our age-old lineage. We wish to spread the word about aromatherapy’s importance across the nation & re-establish it as a significant form of medication. We wish to restore people’s faith in natural healing. We believe it is our cultural responsibility to reinstate the importance of ‘Going Natural’ in the minds & lives of everyone. We wish to re-establish the learnings from the Vedas to better the lives of everyone around us.

Economic Sustainability

While flourishing as a brand, we do not demur from our societal responsibility. We do everything in our power to add value to the lives of less fortunate in society. For instance, in the making of our products & packaging, we provide mass employment. We are more focused on providing women with employment in a way to make them more self-dependent in the exurban parts of our nation.

We work with local forest communities, small-scale farmers and artisans to source our natural ingredients. All our products & packaging, right from our jute bags to wooden casing, everything is curated by artisans to make them perfect. Our wooden caps are curated in the remote areas of Gujarat, thus providing higher employment opportunities to the rural communities. This way we help them grow while also ensuring the goodness of our products.

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