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Jojoba Oil (100 ml)

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Fights Signs of Ageing

Protects against Skin Damage

Hair Conditioner

Body Moisturizer

Stress Relief

Makeup Remover

Chest Infections

Hair Care

Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Relieves Muscle Pain

Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant, scientific name- Simmondsia Chinensis. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it suitable for healing various skin conditions. The sebum-like property of jojoba oil makes it suitable for individuals suffering from excessive oiliness of the skin.


Chemical Free


Cruelty Free


100% Natural


Paraben Free

Works Best For

Skin Damage | Hair Health | Muscle Pain

Vanita, Delhi

The winter season leaves me with dry, itchy skin and no moisturizer worked as well as Jojoba oil which left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Swati, Noida

I used this oil in my hair and soon noticed my hair fall had become less!

Megha, Chandigarh

My wrists swell every time I write and no matter how much I used the crepe bandage, the pain didn’t go away. My sports teacher told me to massage them with Jojoba oil and I no longer sport swollen wrists for long.

How It Works

Skin Damage

Jojoba oil can be applied to the irritated, swollen, itchy, or inflamed skin, and can quickly soothe those cells, thanks to the emollient qualities of this oil’s active ingredients. It can also be used as a body oil.

Hair Care

Massage a few drops of heated Jojoba Oil into damp hair and rinse off. This cleans and moisturizes dry, frizzy hair. Add Rosemary Oil to Jojoba Oil and massage into the hair and scalp to prevent hair loss and increase its sheen.

Muscle Pain

Blend in Jojoba Oil with a pain-relieving essential oil- our Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange essential oils work best, and apply onto the affected area. It helps relieve joint pain, arthritis by rapidly carrying the essential oils having analgesic properties to the affected areas.

What goes into the making

Jojoba Oil is one of the most popular oils used for Ayurvedic massage, since it suits most doshas. It is a super-oil since it has a balancing effect on all the three doshas. There are tons of jojoba oil benefits for skin as well as hair, and that’s why it has been used in Ayurveda for so many years. These excellent properties of the oil benefit the skin naturally and we wish to share this with you all.

Cold Pressed- Cold pressed oil refers to a method of oil extraction where the oilseeds are crushed and pressed (without using heat) to extract oil. The entire process involves pressure and no heat and that is what makes this oil healthier than any other form.

Amber Bottle- Amber is both protective and inert, making it perfect for essential oils. It gives better UV protection.

Sourced From- Our Jojoba Oil is Sourced From India.


Cold Pressed


Amber Bottle



As our products are made with natural ingredients and steam distilled in small batches, there may be slight variation in their fragrance as per harvest.

what we stand for

Mother Earth cares for us but we need to take care of it too. Through sustainable eco-friendly packaging, we aim at minimizing the use of plastic & thus reducing our carbon footprint. We prefer wooden boxes over plastic packaging, paper bubble wrap over plastic bubble wrap. Also, instead of plastic packaging we opt for jute bags to carry our products.

The Recycling Program

To add to our sustainability efforts, we have a recycling program going on. Return 5 used bottles of any essential oils and get a product free.

*T&C Applied

The Recycling Program

To add to our sustainability efforts, we have a recycling program going on. Return 5 used bottles of any essential oils and get a product free.

*T&C Applied

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It is a great product.

It is a great product. I use it as a serum to condition my frizzy hair and it works great.


It’s only been one week I’ve started using it.... and seeing positive changes on my skin

Product of natural brilliance!

Often you'll find yourself in situations where the water or sun exposure is not quite suitable for the skin type you have. This only makes one jump to inadvisable solutions. Well I found this one a perfect product for the problems I was facing due to exposure to heavy sunlight and also retain the natural texture of my hair and skin. Not much to worry about the usage as it's made from natural ingredients. Kudos to Satt Natural team!

one stop solution for my hair and skin issues

I recently started massaging Jojoba oil on my dry hair, and I can see the difference after a couple of washes itself! They have become visibly shinier and softer. It is not cured completely of the dryness, but definitely on its way. I also use it as a makeup remover, and the result is quite surprising as compared to the micellar water i usually use. My kajal and mascara were gone completely in just a few wipes, where i once had to scrub my eyes red with micellar. 10/10 would recommend.