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You must have seen multiple beauty influencers on social media using Jojoba oil everywhere- be it on hair, face or any body part. Ever wondered why they swear by it so strongly? Read on to find out!

Maximum of our skin and hair problems arise due to lack of nutrition and proper upkeep. The nutrition we intake every day, the air we breathe and amount of pollution we subject our skin and hair to also play a major role in deciding its quality. Naturally, with rapid decrease in natural nourishment, outside maintenance becomes mandatory.

Now Jojoba oil, which is extracted from the nuts of a shrub found in deserts of Rajasthan, is a rich source of essential nutrients like vitamin B complex and minerals like zinc and chromium. These are found in very less quantities in our daily diet and hence become major reason for skin and hair issues. Secondly, Jojoba oil also plays a vital role in balancing our skin’s natural oil ‘Sebum’ that locks in moisture and prevents it from getting dry. 


This wonder oil has many more uses in

Cleansing and moisturizing

As we mentioned earlier, jojoba oil has a high resemblance with Sebum. This makes it perfect to use it as a cleanser since it won’t dry out your skin. After cleansing thoroughly, it can also be used as a moisturizer since it will not clog pores. It is already being used in quite many cosmetics, especially in anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products. What’s better is it is good for all skin types- be it oily or dry!

Hair upkeep

Jojoba oil is quite versatile and is already being used in several hair conditioners. Its high fat content make it an excellent hair moisturizer. Apply it on your roots and ends to moisturize rough frizzy hair, or massage it onto the scalp to cure dandruff. This will give your hair a natural shine and a healthy bounce!

And men, it can also be used as beard oil. 

Riddance from Acne

One of the main reasons for skin breakout is clogged pores and congestion of oil and dirt. Since Jojoba oil gets absorbed easily, there is no residual oil on the skin. Besides, it also contains nutrients which helps in healing from acne scars.

DIY cosmetics

Due to its moisturizing effects, Jojoba oil is a widely used ingredient in homemade lip balms and creams. When skin ruptures, applying Jojoba oil on it provides healing effects. It is especially beneficial to apply it on sensitive areas like lips and under eye at night to heal chapped lips and dark circles.

Protection from pollution

Jojoba oil is a rich source of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. With our daily exposure to pollution and similar stresses, this oil helps in maintaining skin pH value and fights oxidation, leaving your skin looking supple and dewy.

Doesn’t matter how hard we try to convince you, we know it wouldn’t work. So we want to let our product speak for itself. Happy shopping!

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