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Jojoba Plant, is a Native American plant which is found in South Arizona, New Mexico and South California. Jojoba Plant is actually a shrub and exists in harsh climate of deserts. The shrub itself is quite harmful and kills a number of living things, but it produces a nut, which has a number of healing properties. So this nut is a source of Jojoba oil. There are plenty of cases in which Jojoba oil is used over the skin and it acted as a remedy for acne, dry skin and may other skin related problems.



Jojoba oil contains a number of beneficial ingredients and key minerals which include, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Silicon, Zinc, Chromium and Copper. The major component of Jojoba oil is Iodine, which is almost 80% of the total. This Iodine provides the healing power. It also contains some fats including Erucic, Gadoleic and Oleic. Due to these fats, Jojoba oil has a beautiful Nutty Aroma.


Health Benefits:

Jojoba oil is considered as a vital element in Dermatology, since the oil is quite useful in making the skin healthy as it helps to heal a number of skin issues.

Some benefits of Jojoba oil are:


  1. Skin Moisturising:

Jojoba oil is a strong moisturiser as when applied to the skin, it absorbs in the skin as much as the way the natural sebum (glands excretion) does. Jojoba is well suited for every type of skin, including dry, oily or normal skin. Jojoba oil is used in a number of cosmetics and can be applied on wrinkles or scratch marks.


  1. Skin Cleanser:

Jojoba oil is quite similar in properties to sebum and it does not clog in the skin pores. So it is easy to cleanse the skin with Jojoba oil. It can be applied as a makeup remover without the skin getting dry. Just apply the oil drops on a cotton bud and swipe on the skin.


  1. Hair Oil:

Jojoba oil is very versatile in its functioning. For frizzy and rough hair, apply the Jojoba oil and it will hydrate and moisturise the hair roots and hence it helps in making the hair strong and smooth. It can also be used as beard oil. Jojoba oil is used as an ingredient in several hair conditioners.


  1. Sunburn Treatment:

Using oil on a Sunburn skin is not a favourable idea, as the oil blocks the skin pores and traps the heat inside the skin, but Jojoba oil is beneficial in this case, as it does not clog inside the pores of skin and provides healing effects. Jojoba oil contains Vitamin E, which heals the Sunburn skin.


  1. Acne Treatment:

One of the main causes of Acne is the clogging of oils and dirt particles in the skin pores. So, the Jojoba oil helps to remove the trapped dirt particles and oil from the skin pores. The oil also has key minerals, which help the skin healing from the Acne as well as the scar scratches etc.


  1. Massage Oil:

Normally, some oils provide resistance when we rub them on the skin as massage oil and hence it causes burn and rash. So the Jojoba oil is quite smooth and provides no resistance to the skin and it also have relaxing effects; hence it is used as massage oil.


  1. Lip Balm:

Due to its moisturising effects, Jojoba oil is an ingredient in homemade lip balms. When the lips rupture, applying Jojoba oil provides healing effects.


  1. Antioxidant:

Jojoba oil has Vitamin E as an essential ingredient, which works with the skin as an antioxidant. So the Jojoba oil helps to fight the oxidative stresses caused by the exposure of skin to pollution and smoke.


Jojoba oil is full of healing properties to give a lustrous and clean skin to all of us. Anyone can enjoy its benefits as a cleanser, spot treatment, acne care or moisturiser. The plus point is you can use this over any part of your body, including your face. So, use it and enjoy its skin loving benefits for HD Glowing skin.


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