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Routine for a clear and hydrated skin :  


1. Clean your face with warm water before applying Jojoba oil to your face:

Splash warm water on your face and then apply a quarter-sized amount of jojoba oil to your face using your fingertips. Use circular motions to work the jojoba oil into your skin.

Do not use a washcloth. Using a washcloth or sponge can irritate the skin and cause more problems.

Do not scrub your skin. This can cause permanent scarring and the skin will take longer to heal.

After you have finished cleansing your skin with the jojoba oil, then you will need to rinse it off. Splash warm water on your face to rinse the excess oil from your skin.

2. Steaming:

  a.Choose your essential oils: Many essential oils have antibacterial and/or antiseptic properties, meaning they can kill bacteria and other microorganisms that infect the skin and cause pimples. Using these oils can help prevent the formation of pimples. Some oils that can be used for this are: Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange

  b. Fill a one-quart pot with water and bring it to a boil. Heat the water until it reaches a boiling temperature. Then, turn off the heat and add 1-2 drops of any of essential oils to the hot water. Never put your face over a pot of boiling water!

3. Cover your head with a large, clean cotton towel. After you have added the oils to the water, then cover your head with a towel and place your face over the steaming pot. Make sure to close your eyes and keep your face at least 12 inches away from the water. You want the heat to dilate your blood vessels and open up your pores, but if you are too close to the steam then it may damage your skin.

  • Breathe normally and relax!
  • Keep your face over the steam for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a cotton towel. Don't rub your skin, just gently pat it dry.


Apply jojoba oil as a moisturiser. Use as much as necessary to cover your skin. Work the oil into your skin using your fingertips and small, circular motions.

At first, you can use this method twice a day. After two weeks, you should notice an improvement in your skin. At this point you can do the steam treatment once per day.

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